About The Artist


Samantha Wilhelm

Samantha graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Arts and a concentration in Painting. During her time at school, she focused primarily on animal forms and how their natural patterns and shapes blended in with the world around them. She was always drawing inspiration from all the animals in the kingdom that she has always loved. After college, she spent some time in China before moving back to Boston to figure out how she could combine her love of the natural world and animals with her passion for her art.

Once she found Elliot’s House, it became clear! After spending every day with adorable and beautiful dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, she found herself drawing her puppy pals in her sketch book regularly. Now she wants to share her love of her work with you!

With Elliot’s Foundation, Samantha wants to bring your furry friends to life on canvas. Through this program she will be creating original pieces of artwork of your wonderful pet and 20% of all the proceeds will be donated toward helping a dog in need.